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Party Poker Details

Details about Party Poker (Network/Software:no/PartyGaming) (Poker-room review)

Nr. Source Type Rating Pros Cons Author's review
1Poker PulseVoting1--16000/23000
2Poker Top 10Site1 PartyPoker extensive advertising efforts have paid...
3Poker ReviewSite1--PartyPoker began in August 2001 and has become the...
4Review Poker OnlineVoting1--7,48
5Gambling Online MagazineVoting1---
6The Poker ProjectVoting1--3.6
8ProfiPersonal1big games selectionpoor support At April 2005 it's a definitive lider by a number ...
9stevePersonal1always pleanty of people at any limit if you dont like the table your on move there is plenntyfor me on this site more then any other when its get cold its cold only thing to do is close the site down for a while thats just menice software tons of people and bonus are good b...
10TYFYCHPSPersonal1#1 For fish, they got new promos in which are good
You can feel securein there transaction history
too many loose players at low limits. Not enough freerolls for free.Party is a good site to make money on and you can ...
11loul07Personal1-you can find some really good fish.
-always many tables open
-cashout speed
-reload bonus
12Online Poker RatingsVoting1--9 votes
13bartendrPersonal2grandfather of poker roomsconnections up and downthe one place to find huge monney games
14Flop Turn RiverVoting3Largest online player base, easy to qualify initial bonus, occasional redeposit bonuses, lots of fish, and overall pretty easy money. Does not offer a useful friend/fish finder. Does not offer micro stakes. Lowest SnG`s are $5 + $1 (expensive).3,7 - Party Poker is the world`s largest poker roo...
15Mehmet KaramanPersonal3fish!,ocean! and a lot of bonusa few mtt tournamentsi took a lot of bonus at partypoker and good servi...
16Forum CGMVoting3--43 votes
17imbartendrPersonal5this where money maker came from
the charter poker room
respect it
sit and go's start at 5
lowest games start at .25/.50
bring your a game here, no joke
18Poker ListingSite7Bonuses and promotions
The biggest traffic
7.84 - Party Poker currently boasts the world's hi...